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How We Do It

Ever since we were kids, we've been taking things apart to understand their inner workings.  We started off with small Xmas lights displays and we were seen, many times, riding our bikes to the local store to purchase more boxes of lights.  Every year the display grew, but December 2000 was the first display we created that was 100% computer controlled.  It was an expensive transition, having to automate every strand of lights, but certainly was worth the effort.  Check out details of the display under the Technical page.

If you are not familiar with this display, you can browse through the remaining links to get a rough idea of what it looks like.  It operates yearly, at least for now, from December 1 until January 5th from 5:15pm until 11:00pm.  The show consists of more than 70,000 lights, and can consume up to 30,000 watts of power at peak periods.  It's entirely automated by a PC that controls every strand of lights.  The lights are synchronized to music which is broadcast over radio (within viewing distance of the display).  Simply tune into 104.9FM and see what we mean!

We usually begin thinking of new ideas when September arrives.  This is when additional circuits are made, and rough designs are created.  Most of the work, however, begins in November.  This is a busy month and all of our spare time is put into the display.  We begin putting the lights on the roof and the trees before the snow starts falling (the roof is not a fun place to be when covered with snow).  The 2002 schedule shows our daily accomplishments which can give you a rough idea of the work involved in such an elaborate show!

Below are a few annual additions to the display.

2000:  Computerized entire display, roof perimeter, vertical strands on maple trees, driveway perimeter.
2001: Upper roof grid, chimney smoke, chasing driveway perimeter.
2002: Snowball fight, left grass grid, charity box, evergreen star
2003: Lower roof grid (with dimming),right Evergreen tree, strobe lights, animated present wrapping machine, display sequenced to music, music broadcast via FM radio,replaced more than 600 faded bulbs



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