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About Us

Wild Cherry Lights is an annual light show, bringing the community together by lighting up faces & spirits of all who visit, while raising money for local charities.  Spearheaded by Martin, many hours of setup commence in October, with additional help from family, neighbours, and friends in preparation for lighting up in early December. 

How it all started:

Brothers Martin and Andrew Lindsay began installing lights from the young ages of about 9 years old at their parents house at Rosea Court in Thornhill.  The displays were designed, installed, and funded by the brothers with minor support from local sponsors.

They hand-built built their first computerized display in 2000, years before the existence of smartphones, social media and YouTube.  A lot of thought, design, and money went into developing a safe, effective show (check out the “technical” page for details), which became known as “Lindsay Lights”.  As the years progressed, the display grew so popular, police officers were needed to help direct traffic, with the final show at Rosea Court wrapping up in 2008.

Fast forward to 2019 when the synchronized light show was reborn as Wild Cherry Lights (named after the street on which it now lives).  Martin partnered with neighbours to spread lights and cheer throughout the community, which continues to expand to additional properties, annually.

The Lindsay brothers putting lights on an Evergreen tree in 1988 (at only 9 and 10 years old!). The tradition continued until the tree was more than 50  feet tall.

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