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We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! Maybe you could give us some new ideas for next year's display. Please email us at lindsaylights@gmail.com and we will screen and post what you have to say!


Dec 20, 2008. -- Laurie L. --

I just read your blog and learned that this will likely be the last season. We have made it our tradition to come see your lights at least twice each year, always bringing a friend or two with us to share the experience.

We will be sad to lose this mainstay of our Christmas light tour, but understand that it consumes your life and you have other priorities.

I wish you and Jasmine well in your new life together, and hope that we might see another display in the future at your new home.

Thank you for all you have done to spread the Christmas spirit all these years, and I hope you find time to have a very Merry Christmas.


Dec 18, 2008. -- Lisa P. --

A video of your display found its way into my Inbox last Christmas. I was shocked and amazed at the production. You should indeed be very proud.

However, it wasn't until today that we came to realize that this wonderful display of lights was within our reach. We packed up our 3 children (5, 3 and 1) and drove up to your place after dinner this evening. Even though our younger 2 fell asleep, our oldest did not want to leave! His only comment during the 6 or so times that we viewed the show was, "Awesome!" He asked me to download the music so he can listen to it tomorrow.

No doubt he'll be picturing your display in his mind as he listens to and appreciates a wonderful piece of music. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to bring this wonderful bit of Christmas cheer into our world.


Dec 16, 2008. -- Greg A. -- ME, USA --

Just wanted to say killer show once again. The show looks awesome again (from what I see online.) Sorry to hear it was a solo show this year. I can only imagine how much work it is with 2 engineers let alone one. Great job again.


Dec 16, 2008. -- Toi B. -- MN, USA --

The only good thing about winter…your light displays.

It would be awesome if you guys paired up with Cirque Du Soleil!


Dec 11, 2008. -- Garry D. -- Woodstock, Canada --

If I just squint a little, I'm reminded of some splashy Vegas casino along the strip!


Dec 11, 2008. -- Kim G. --

I was so disappointed to hear that you have had to scale things so far back with the lights this year. Visiting the Lindsay light show has become a family tradition and we come out every year to see the results of your clearly very hard work. Since the first year we heard about it, it has always been a special treat we look forward to. Your creativity, know-how and hours of work were well appreciated.

Of course, we had no idea the sorts of challenges you were facing (the cranky neighbors sound anything but charming!) but certainly did notice how huge it had become during our visit last year. People waited in line to get down the street to see your display, and things, though well organized and smoothly run were definitely much 'bigger' than in previous years and it was clear that you were facing challenges with keeping everyone happy.

So, while we are sad to hear that it won't be the same this year, we understand and we appreciate all that you've done in the past. Life has a way of going on, and that's ok. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, and thank you for all the goosebumps and awe you've given us in Christmases past. We truly do appreciate it!


Dec 10, 2008. -- Mike B. -- Troy, USA--

I wanted to say that once again you captivated the hearts of all your fans. Thank you so very much for putting the music back into the show and not letting the negative people ruin this for you and all who enjoy what you do for Christmas spirit and the charities that you so graciously help.

These negative people need to step back and remember that what you do most definitely helps the communities and charities you support through your donations.
God bless you and all the people that can donate to such a noble cause, there is a special place in heaven for people like you and all who can donate.

Thank you so very much once again for yet another amazing tribute to the holiday season, don't ever let anyone ruin it for you. I tip my hat to you daily for these spectacular shows.

FIVE STAR QUALITY. You deserve all the positive media coverage you receive. God bless you and have a safe and happy holiday season. One of these times I am going to personally come see your show and hopefully meet you in person and shake your hand for all that you do and have done in the past. I will continue to follow your shows for as long as you continue to amaze us with them. MERRY CHRISTMAS MARTIN and family!!!


Dec 10, 2008. -- Linda A. -- Toronto, Canada --

Your display is my highlight of the season. I’m so sorry it will end but thanks a million for all you’ve done! The harassing neighbour will get his lump of coal in the end.


Dec 9, 2008. -- Darryl S. --

Great show guys! What a spectacular display! I truly admire the entire thing since I’m a Christmas light freak at heart. I dont have the space for such a huge display or the technical know how, so I do envy you.

It is too bad one of your neighbors has 'issues'. It seems very hard to escape those types of people in life. Just remember that you have sincerely made a lot of people's holiday much more memorable.

They will remember your creativity and holiday spirit for years to come. Congrats on the good news in your life and continued success.


Dec 9, 2008. -- Karen --

Your site info was sent to me by a friend. Brilliant! Well done. Put a big smile on my face. Thank you for your efforts. We all need a little joy right now..


Dec 8, 2008. -- Bernd K. -- Cologne, Germany --

We've been in Toronto last year for Christmas. We know your amazing lightshow since a couple of years. But there was no time to see your amazing and wonderful lightshow at the scene.

This year we'll celebrate Christmas at our house and your livestream gives us the feeling back, we've had last year at our friends and families places in Toronto. It feels like being back.

Thank you for this. Everybody loves your work and what you give to us, by the internet for FREE, I'll hope to see next year a display like today. If I would be one of your neighours, It would be a pleasure for me, to set up a display together with you.


Dec 7, 2008. -- Jill A. --

I am sure you have heard this a thousand times but I am so thankful what you do with your Christmas light display. I am sure that it takes an extreme amount of time, effort, and money to pull it off but it sure does make people happy.

My girls and I have been through a terrible year and the Christmas spirit just isn't there. But, watching your Christmas light display makes them so happy. They could sit there for hours watching the videos if I allowed them to.

Anyway, great job, it makes us smile.


Dec 7, 2008. --Barry K. -- Muncie, India --

Martin, I really appreciate that you still do the show at all, especially with all the non pretty light related headaches (traffic, neighbors, media, etc).

Best of luck with the new house, marriage! and everything else.


Dec 7, 2008. -- Peter N. -- Ontario, Canada --

Even with the reduced amount of lights, your display is still very beautiful. Like I said before, if I had a house, I would go nuts too with the lights. Complaining neighbors be damned!


Dec 6, 2008. --Ine C. -- The Hague, Netherlands --

Hi, I am Ine from The Netherlands and I am happy with you’re work! I have to tell my family in Tottenham again, to see you’re great work!


Dec 5, 2008. -- Ben -- NH, USA --

First of all I wanted to congratulate you on your recent engagement. I also wanted to say that my brother Mike and Myself have been following your displays for years and though we do not have quite the resources yet to provide a display like yours we do a little contest between our two homes for the kids.

To see their smiles and excitement from the lights makes it worth it. I really look forward to your displays every year and someday hope to have a similar computer setup for keep your tradition going here in NH where my brother and I live. I think what you have done for everyone in the past years is something that very few people could hold a torch to.

Your displays make all of us young and old remind ourselves that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time and for us all to stop and appreciate the beautiful things in life we generally take for granted on a daily basis. And to have your neighbors complaining about the lights and the traffic is unreal. They should be ashamed of themselves considering the help you've given to the community from the profits you make in donations. Though you are frustrated with all the bitching, you make so many people happy on Christmas to have something to look forward to and wonder what you have in mind for the years to come. Don't get discouraged please. Because like you we all enjoy your talents and happiness you spread to all of us. I could only dream of helping set up something so amazing with lighting.

In the spirit of Christmas and my personal love for exterior lighting on Christmas I fully support your efforts and I think that your neighbors need to either pick up and leave or move their bedroom to the other side of the house and deal with it. Hell if it were me I'd pull the chair right up to the bay window and watch it all night. Or as my brother so humorously put it , "get rid of the TV and open the blinds and enjoy the show". I am really glad you are adding music. This is who you are and what we all anxiously await for every year. Keep on trucking Martin and know that the slim few who don't approve are just that "a slim few".

I will close by saying that I respect the fact you didn't lay down for them and kept it going for yet another year. It's hard work but it pays off when you give us all a smile and leave us in awe. You inspire my brother and I and I can't wait to get a system of my own to get the music rocking where I live in NH.


Dec 5, 2008. -- Douglas J. -- MI, USA --

I enjoyed watching your previous shows on your site and also read some of your history and what's new section. I have to say, one bad apple in the bushel can truly cause the entire bushel to go bad.

I'm sure you have thought of this before, but I'm going to say it anyway: have you thought about doing the show in a community setting? I have never been to Thronhill; only through the Toronto area, but isn't there a town hall or community center that could be decorated and the site donated by the city? I would think if the community supports the effort you put into your show every year maybe the community would like to support it even further by taking care of the essentials. Like I said, I'm sure you have perused this avenue, but I thought I would at least toss it out there.

Good luck with the show this year!


Dec 3, 2008. --Chris C. -- Lancashire, England --

Having read your news section, I can sympathise with your dilemma, nothing lasts forever and you and you brother and helpers have done a good thing. I can say that for the last 4 years I’ve watched and admired your efforts from afar, Preston, Lancashire, England. Well Done!!!

You have introduced me to a fantastic musical outfit called the TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) who’s music i like very much with the track “Wizards in Winter”.

I hope that you can continue in the future .

Thanks to you and yours.


Dec 3, 2008. -- Natalie -- Markham, Canada --

I sincerely want to thank you for all of the beautiful displays that you have poured your love and energy into over the years. My entire family (and that is more people than the ones who live at our house) have enjoyed the lights and visiting your house is a holiday tradition.

I am really glad that you've decided to have a display this year despite
your neighbor's protest.


Dec 1, 2008. -- John O. -- Doncaster, UK --

I've loved visiting your site for the last few years. A few thousand miles away but it seems like home now during December. I would love to see them for real. The wizard sequence of 2005 has always been my favourite.

Such a pity you have one set of bad neighbours and less time. Also the city should provide the police for free as surely your lights must generate thousands of dollars to local businesses. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will still be around next year.


Dec 1, 2008. -- Joe K -- Ontario, Canada --

It is with a heavy heart I write this to you. I'm saddened that things couldn't have worked out better with respect to your neighbours and how they took the simple devotion of you 2 and turned it into something ugly instead of what it was meant to be. Bring the happiness back my friend...I'd love to see this take on a new light at your own place.

You guys simply can't stop. New show new address.. Time to make the show move. You have invested too much time and effort for this to stop.

Please I beg you let the show go on. You have touched too many people with many more new people to come...If nothing else at least syncro it to music. It has been your staple for too long.. Scale it back.. Ok go for it but at least let the music play. It gives it a touch no one else has..


Nov 25, 2008. --Monica S. -- Canada --

I understand that it is difficult to deal with neighbours who complain. They should stop being the grinch of christmas and start appreciating all the hard work you guys do and all the charities you help.

If Ilived in your area I would help out 100% it's for a great cause!

Thanks for making christmas so much better!


Nov 24, 2008. --Peter N. -- Toronto, Canada --

I just finished reading your blog and was a bit disappointed about how one person’s complaint can ruin things for everyone else.

Anyway, I always come by to see your house because it is always amazing to see how much work goes in to doing a display like this. I just love how you get everything synced up with the music.

I hope that someday when I own my own house, I would love to do a similar display. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and I will do another drive-by this year to see what you have come up with.

Take care and best wishes.


Nov 21, 2008. -- Stephanie H. -- Nova Scotia, Canada --

I would just like to say that I am supportive of your decision to cut down the show, and end it eventually. While watching your light display grow has been one of the highlights of my Christmas season for the past few years, I don't think that you guys could have possibly given us anything better, and I appreciate that.

I think that you guys deserve to settle down and relax during the Christmas season like the rest of us do, especially after dedicating so much of your time and effort into making Christmas special for so many other people. That's what the Christmas spirit is all about!

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work has never ceased to amaze me. I do ask one small favor of you, though. When all is said and done, and the light display has come to an end, please leave the web site up and running so that the people who have fallen in love with your light display will be able to log on at Christmas time to watch it sparkle once again.


Nov 21, 2008. --Emily R. -- Washington, USA --

First of all, let me say that I think you guys are fantabulisimo!! My Canadian family members sent me the link to your web site a few years back and every year since, I've watched your videos over and over.

I'm sorry you have a Scrooge living in the neighborhood who is making your holiday endeavor difficult. Some people just can't abide someone doing something good for the community. Very selfish. Hopefully, Santa will put a lump of clay in his stocking (coal is too valuable these days).

I'm bummed that you're scaling back this year but I can understand since you've gotten older and have acquired wives/kids/real jobs. I hope someone else (or some organization) takes a page out of your book (or the schematics from your web page) and continues the tradition. The organization could rent a local drive-in movie theater and build a facade and go from there. It would eliminate the traffic issues and the noise would be contained to the inside of each car. They could sell concessions, collect items for local charities such as clothing/food banks, etc.

They may even be able to get local sponsors to provide computer and electrical equipment, lumber, food/beverages and in return, they'd get an advertisement and tax write-off (at least here in the States they get a tax benefit). The charities getting the bulk of the donations could provide volunteers to help out with setting the place up, manning the concession stand, traffic control, litter pick-up, etc. I would also expand the program to 30 minutes - long enough for the kids to want hot cocoa or use the restroom, thus needing to pass the concession stand - but short enough to handle high traffic volume.

Yes, I've thought about this too much.

Good luck to both of you in your future endeavors. Canada (and your Scroogy neighbor) should be proud of you.


Nov 20, 2008. --Jamie R. -- Colorado, USA --

I have truly loved seeing your Christmas Display on the internet. Having two boys about the same age as you and your brother, it warms my heart to see you two doing something so wonderful. I only hope that the two of you are still loving brothers even though your interests are so different now. Congratulations on your engagement!

You have given your local charities wonderful donations throughout the years and you know, it is okay to move on with your life. I too, will be sad for the displays to be so very different, and maybe sometime, gone, but I completely understand...... with the commitment, expense and hassles you must go through every holiday season. So.....do what you want, but please don't forget to spend time with YOUR loved ones. You have done your civic duty and beyond!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

A fan in Colorado.


Nov 17, 2008. --Patti T. -- Markham, Canada --

I have two young boys and for the past 3 years driving to your home from has become a tradition that begins the holiday season for us.

Thank you for your dedication.


Nov 16, 2008. -- Massimo B. -- ??--

I just wanted to tell you that I just read your blog and understand completely as to your scaled down version this year. Congrats on the new house.

I've been bringing by my family and friends to your display for the last 3 seasons and this year will be no exception...only thing is that the Christmas bug is now biting me and I would like to do a display like yours (not as complex as yours, but something nice).


Nov 16, 2008. --Mike B. -- NH, USA --

I just wanted to say that i love your shows and it makes me want to build my own here but i don't have the equipment. I think it's horrible that the neighbors that are giving you so much grief are ruining it for the rest of the people that look forward to such an amazing show.

I am let down that you are downsizing and losing the music aspect but I do understand why. I am sure it is very tiring. I hope your new home doesn't have neighbors and we can see big shows there in the future. Believe me if i were there I would be first in line to help you create such a work of art. I would love the chance to be proud of such a show like you put on every year. Maybe its a good thing that you are moving, to lose the bad neighbors.

Congrats on the new home and the engagement. I wish you all the best that life has to offer and thanks for the past years of such magical shows.


Feb 23, 2008. --Jim L. -- USA --

I am a broadcast engineer that remembers when there were no solid state devices except a quartz crystal used as a detector on a crystal radio receiver, and have designed and constructed many computer controlled circuits for automating radio stations, optoisolators, IO cards etc. But never have I seen so many channels used at once.

I applaud your dedication and investment of time, money and heart to your lighting project. The technical scope of your project is overwhelming. You guys have certainly earned my respect. Keep up the good work.


Jan 18, 2008. --Maureen B. --

Hi, Whenever I have a down day…I just click my mouse and the lights flick on and play….

Thank you


Jan 10, 2008. --Jeannin -- Wisconsin, USA--

Stumbled upon your site a few years ago...don't remember how. Your creativity is inspirational...your generosity bountiful... We darken the lights, crank up the speakers and let the warmth of your light show bring a little joy to all of us.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


Jan 8, 2008. --Karen W. -- Muskoka, Canada --

Hi Mssrs. Martin & Andrew Lindsay:

Since a friend sent us one of your videos back in the summer, my two sons (9 and 12) and I have been Lindsay Lights fans. We live in Muskoka but had a family gathering on Jan. 5, so we came to see the show live on the night of Jan. 4.

Wow... web videos do NOT do it justice... live and in person the show is so huge and tall and complex and multi-faceted, it boggles the mind. I really have to hand it to you guys for doing this amazing thing for absolutely no material gain.

I think the leaping arches are great... they really add something. I keep wondering how you guys are going to top yourselves. Can't wait until next year.

Tris and Raphi rock on at your place....


Jan 7, 2008. -- Sean O. -- Canada --

My family and I always go out to see the Christmas lights just before the holidays. This year we only went to one place… yours! What a show you guys put on, thanks.


Jan 6, 2008. -- Michelle J. -- Chicago, USA --

This was our first years watching such a super light display. My son Joseph has autism & for the first time in his 10 years decided to help me try to set up his own light display. He wanted it to be just like the lindsay lights.

While I could never attempt any light display like that, we set up a smaller light display, which our neighbors really liked. Now my son wants to be involved in electronics like the lindsay boys.

Thanks for being a guiding light for my son. We really hope to see you in 08!! Joey might have me drive to canada to compare notes with the lindsay brothers in getting my electric meter to fly away!! Ha ha.


Jan 5, 2008. -- D. Lindsay -- New York, USA --

To the whole Lindsay family from another Lindsay family in Upstate NY, Thank you for your years of hard work to put out an absolutely marvelous christmas display.

While we live over 4 hrs away and have never been able to see your display in person we start checking out your web site in early December for the updates and have tremendously enjoyed your videos and streaming webcam. It is always a highlight of our Christmas season to watch and listen to your displays. Your creativity and innovation are absolutely amazing! And your generosity to help out Charity Organizations is wonderful.

It is so unfortunate that one neighbor can cause the show to possibly not go on. If they could understand the joy that your display gives through-out the world they hopefully would think twice about their complaints. The selfishness of that one family shows how un-selfish that the Lindsay's in Canada are. What your family gives to your community and those of us far away, is absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We Lindsay's here in Owego, NY hope that some how you will be able to continue in the following years despite the 'scrooge' in the next house and hope that your community will assist in the setup, take down and maintenance of your display. If we were closer, we'd be there :)! Thank you again and we hope to be seeing a new display next year!!

Happy New Year to the Lindsay's in Canada from the Lindsay's in NY.


Jan 1, 2008. -- Graziella B. -- Rimili, Italy --

Carissimi,non so se capite la mia lingua,purtroppo io la vostra non la so scrivere anche se un pochino la so capire.

Solo questo volevo dirvi: siete dei grandi! Veramente! Sono anni che vedo il vostro sito internet e anche questo Natale siete riusciti a stupirmi. Grazie per averci fatto ammirare ancora una simile meraviglia !


Dec 31, 2007. --Ryan P. -- Toronto, Canada --

Marriage Proposal:

I took her out to dinner ... The Burb's in Pickering, @ Dixie n Finch, I highly recommend it. Then we got our pictures taken with Santa as I wanted to throw her off track as I knew she was catching on.

We went behind Pickering Town Hall, I got on one knee after a long speech regarding her and I. I then gazed into her eyes and said "are you ready to go to the next place" Haha. She was annoyed.

We made the drive up to Thornhill and passed your house, I didn't know where to park, there was a place a few streets back. There was a security guard in front of the house, but he was not a problem.

We donated some money, looked over the surroundings, and I got on one knee and proposed under the Arch. Her face lit up brighter than the lights and she started crying. One couple ran up to us very excited.

She said yes!

Thank you very much, keep up the good work.


Dec 29, 2007. -- Jenna -- Canada --

I've heard about your house for a few years now, but this was the first year that I was able to visit. My family and I were amazed by your efforts and we just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your creativity, generosity and Christmas spirit was an inspiration!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful project with those of us in the area!!


Dec 26, 2007. -- Simon S. -- Switzerland --

It's amazing!!! I was wondering if you're doing the show this year and as I had opened the Webcam I could really see it!

For a moment, it was like being back in toronto for a moment. The show is wonderful also especially the pirates part :) And the live distribution via the webcam really made it possible to be there, even though it was 17:00 and I'm in
switzerland. I could even see little children feeding the donations box!

Best wishes and a happy new year.


Dec 24, 2007. --Erik M -- Florida, USA--

Just wanted to leave a quick comment that you guys have an amazing display and I hope you can continue it for many years to come! I've been a fan of your house since the 05 'season' and look forward to seeing the new displays every year.

Someday I hope to be able to see it in person, but as I live in Florida that may be a few years off, which is why I hope you can continue it! If I lived closer I'd be there to help you set it up without question!


Dec 22, 2007. --Todd S.-- Toronto, Canada--

WOW!!! I wish this city had more people like you guys. Thank you for helping make Christmas so much better. It is VERY obvious all the hard work you put into this.

Never listen to any negative comments. You all deserve a Community award from the City of Toronto also. You are the kind of people this city needs and are lacking. Once again. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.


Dec 22, 2007. --C. Farster--

Thanks for the time effort and expense you have undergone to implement your Christmas Display. I was a bit saddened when I read your blog entry stating that you may have to consider not putting up a display due to lack of community (council) support and a new grumpy neighbor.

I enjoy checking out the web cam just to see the traffic and people who come by. I’ve always wanted to do something to this affect but lack the financial back or the property to make a nice show. I have worked in lighting and sound productions for various levels of dramas and concert productions. I understand the grandeur of the work load you took on when you decided to create and maintain a display of this nature.

I will be watching for the display next year. I hope to see it back. Maybe that grumpy neighbor will have come around and help you spread some Christmas Cheer to all those who view it.

Thanks for all your efforts and sacrifices.


Dec 22, 2007. --Jillie-- London, England--

It was great to be in a position to say ‘thank you’ for your wonderful display. We live in London England and have nothing like it here – please try to keep going for next season – you give so much joy to everyone over the internet AND raise money for good causes – remember even Scrooge enjoyed Christmas eventually.

Its difficult to get along with awkward neighbours, if all they want is to close you down and not discuss/compromise (living in a small cul-de-sac we know!), but we hope you find a way through.

In the meantime, thanks a million for ALL your hard work! WE appreciate it!!


Dec 21, 2007. --Greg A.--

I feel like everybody has caught on to doing these automated light shows now (we even have one in our neighborhood in Newark, DE USA.) However, I have to commend you though for be what I would consider the first / original visionaries to do the engineering work ( v.s. buying a commercially available package) to put together such an excellent display.

I studied EE/Computer Eng and having seen the technical page I really appreciate the amount of design work and trial and error that must of gone into debugging the digital logic portion of the controls (eliminating glitches / blinks / flickers / etc not to mention catching the zero crossings for dimming...) I've been checking the site out (the display gets better and better) since 2005 and it's almost become a tradition. If I can get my act together and get a passport for next year I will just have to make a drive up to Canada to come see it in person.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and thanks for reading this.


Dec 21, 2007. --Damon-- Victoria, Australia--

My family and I watch your light show via your videos and now via your live stream camera, every year. Your choices of music are always brilliant, and your signature song "Wizards in Winter" is sensational.

I wish to congratulate everyone associated with this wonderful and
inspiring show, your dedication and hard work really pays off.

This years show is nothing short of sensational, and the pirates music
was a great choice. Keep up the awesome work and God Bless!!


Dec 20, 2007. --Donna -- Ohio, USA--

I just have a question. I wanted to make sure that your lights will be running thru the night of Sat Jan 5th. My son is in awe of your display and has set up a small display of his own. His dream trip is to come see your lights so we are planning a trip leaving from Ohio in the US on the 4th and want to make sure we'd get to see the lights on the night of the 5th. Thanks.


Dec 20, 2007. --David L.-- Florida, USA--

I have enjoyed your light shows the past couple of years, even put them on DVDs to show at Christmas gatherings to show those who aren't connected to the net. I am eagerly awaiting your 2007 videos but have yet to see them…it almost doesn’t seem like Christmas without them! I see on your live webcam that you have some additions…but it truly is hard to see…so I sit here and wait…

Seriously, in addition to the charities you donate to, you also bring a bit of the wonder and awe of the Christmas season to more than you could know. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Dec 19, 2007. --Richard & Lorna-- Blackpool, UK--

Well done guys! from the UK ... we found you by accident and have been hooked ever since!! We'll both be working on Christmas Day, but we know what we're doing when we get home .... please pass on our thanks to your neighbours for the live-stream camera, amazing job!

All the best to all of you (large and small people) for this Christmas and for 2008

(ps we have "lights" too, but not at our house, only all over the promenade and between end August and start November, we LIKE lights!!!!)


Dec 19, 2007. --Lara H.--

I just wanted to comment on what a fabulous job you guys did on your house. It is actually so amazing that there are no words to describe how I felt watching it. Last night, my mom suggested we look at go to three specific houses (yours being one of them), to see christmas lights. When driving to your house, my parents made a comment about how it apparently surpassed what was done in Christmas Vacation. Did it ever! It was incredible. I was impressed as well with the charity box you have out. I am glad you guys are donating all the money.

I have to ask though, were you at all inspired by that movie? How do you have time to prepare such elaborate decorations? Your website is also amazing - very detailed and specific, I just wish I understood half of it haha. I noticed you were in engineering, so that must play a role in your understanding and ability to actually cary this out.

I am definitely going to come back to watch it again. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!


Dec 18, 2007. --D. Robinson -- Toronto, Canada--

Well guys - I have actually never seen your display of art - I have only heard about it over the years. I do plan on visiting this year and was keeping up to date through your blog.

Regarding your traffic troubles. I think the visitors should be able to sign a petition or perhaps we call it a sympathy sign - to see if some un-obligated police officers would care to donate their time instead of taking away from the good you are trying to achieve in the name of charity.

The Police Association is forever appealing to the kindness of others to fulfill their charity choices and I just think - that because you are doing such an unselfish pleasing to the public act of goodness that someone should help you out of this dilemma - perhaps even CHUM FM if they knew - but then if they get involved there is more publicity and more people and more traffic problems etc.

Put this on your blog and let some creative, concerned, compassionate people help discover a way out of this expense.


Dec 17, 2007. -Justin R. --Texas, USA--

Greetings from Texas! I just had to tell you guys that I've been following your display for at least the past few years now, and every year you do such an awesome job with the lights! I just wish I lived closer to Canada so I could see them in person.

Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to the 2007 pictures being posted so I can see this year's display =)


Dec 17, 2007. -- Mark B. --Maine, USA --

Martin, Andrew, and family, I hadn't written before now, but meant to, just to tell you how much I have enjoyed coming to your site and enjoying your display (3 years now I think). I have taken the videos to work and shown them. My co-workers are amazed at both the shows and your commitment.

I see you got snow from the same storm as we did (Maine). Hopefully the ground lights will uncover a bit here in the near future... to see your yard entirely lit is very impressive. Also, my 16 month old loves watch your webcam and listen to the music.

As I am writing, I put your webcam up and can see someone snowblowing and your dog assisting. Congratulations Andrew and Angela on baby Tabitha.

Thank you, and please keep up the wonderful and inspiring displays.


Dec 17, 2007. -- Rex A. --

I have been turned on to your light show every year since 2004. I have enjoyed it very much and I hope you keep up with the light shows. People I know here in the States really like your productions and look forward to viewing them each year.


Dec 13, 2007. -- Daniel L. -- France --

J'ai vu plusieurs fois des vidéos de votre maison illuminée et c'est formidable. Vous avez fait un travail magnifique qui est récompensé par une très belle réalisation.

Içi en France il n'y a pas beaucoup de maisons illuminées et cela est bien dommage. Pour ma part j'ai commencé un éclairage de toutes les arêtes de ma maison , mais cela n'a rien à voir avec votre réalisation. Encore toute mes félicitations.

Happy Christmas.


Dec 5, 2007. --Barry K -- Muncie, IN, USA--

I absolutely LOVE your light set-up. I just came across them last week on the Holiday Creations L.E.D. website and immediately added the video to my
MySpace page. (I'm a Christmas light, and especially L.E.D. Junkie! ...only without the resources or skills to put something together like your show.) I've even seriously thought about making the over 500 mile drive up to see em, we'll see... Looking forward to the '07 premier this weekend, too.

Anyway, keep up the amazing work.


Dec 3, 2007. --James B -- Tonopah, Nevada, USA --

You guys bring a lot of joy to people close to you, and to those of us that can catch your lights on the internet. Wish the traffic issue was not a problem for you, but people want to see good things. Having just retired the second time as a Motor Officer, I understand the traffic thing. Hopefully your local agency will help all they can. I would come up and direct traffic for you if I could......

For the past 3 years at my motorcycle club end of year gathering, I show clips of your house lights and others while we are dining. We have just got high speed internet service here for the first time, (Tonopah Nevada, middle of nowhere) and I can finally see the web camera off your site.

Please keep up the good work, and if you have to scale down a bit to make the local authorities happy, don't worry. Back in 2003, and 2004 (when I first came across your videos) you had a display to be very proud of then, and smaller than your 2006 extravaganza.

You guys reach out and touch a lot more people than you may realize. As one of those people, I thank you very much for putting a spark in this old retired grouch's day.

Thank You for your Time


Nov 29, 2007. --Stefan B -- Texas, USA --

I felt sorry for you guys that it was just a hassle last year, but your display really was amazing! We had a bet going on with a few guys at the office and thanks to you, I won – You are setting up the display again!

Good luck with the traffic and the patience of your neighbours, I will keep checking your page and webcam.

Btw – I never really believed in the ‘smaller display this year’ part – once you started, you just keep going (personal experience).


Nov 17, 2007. --Jason E.-- Newfoundland, Canada--

Your site is an inspiration. I think what you are doing is fantastic and the more people in the world like you that do things like this for charity, the better our world would be.


July 7, 2007. --Sophie P. -- Quebec City, Quebec, Canada--

I'm Sophie from Québec City, Québec, Canada. Here, we know very well your house through the internet. When we say: "You know that house with the lights?" Everyone knows what we're talking about. I just watched some videos starting at 2002 including reports of newsCast. You guys grew so big, cause i know your videos since a couple of years (i think 2003). You make my christmas spirit go up and chill my spine again as if i was a child receiving presents, even in the 30 degrees of july! :)


Feb 11, 2007. --Cory W. -- Pinedale, Wyoming, USA --

I saw that my comment was posted (Dec. 30), and it is awesome that it was posted on your website. But, I read my comment and I feel that what I said wasn’t good enough! That’s how impressive I think your light show is! I just thought I would tell you that. And also, I want to tell you how I found out about your lights. I am 14 years old and my dad used to work in the Oil Field in Pinedale, Wyoming (In the USA), the company he worked for. Well, he worked with a couple buddies that found your sweet video (and all the guys he worked with in the oil field knew about it, so they were probably giving it to people they knew). He watched it and it was just totally amazing. So, at the end of the day, my dad came home and said he had this awesome Christmas video that he would like us to watch. Am I glad he showed our family that video! After he showed it to us, I just couldn’t believe that there was such an amazing Christmas video out there! I was so happy and excited about it, I emailed the video to everyone I knew. To this day, I am still emailing it to new people I met through the grape vine! I have a special folder in my email account, full of your videos, and just waiting to forward them. Wells guys, I just gotta say GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 18, 2007. --Merilyn A -- Abbotsford, BC, Canada--

I emailed you just a while ago about how much I enjoyed your lights and seeing them on the internet. Just one more comment to make. I end every evening watching your light show just to have a good happy feeling before going to bed. Just watching the lights, make my day. Please don't take the light show down. I will never tire of watching it. Thanks for bringing some good feelings and joy to my nights.


Jan 13, 2007. --Sidney C -- Thornhill, Ontario, Canada--

My wife and I have coffee and a bagel nearly every morning, for years, in the little plaza around the corner from your home and we had no idea a spectacular show was so close to us all this time. I've seen your fantastic show on the internet, but it took a visitor from South Africa to tell us the Lindsay Lights were within walking distance. Since our "discovery", we've driven by with many friends and relatives and were pleased to make a contribution in the drop box. Thank you for your wonderful efforts and a special thanks to your neighbours. You all give new meaning to the words "Christmas Spirit".


Jan 12, 2007. --Elissa B -- MA, USA--

I want to thank you with all my heart for all the love and laughter, sweat and tears you put into your light display each year. Although I can't drive by your home, I do enjoy the shows by video. With YouTube, your display has reached hundreds of thousands of people. You brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart every time I visited the sight and watched your display…my mouth hanging open like a child seeing fireworks for the first time in Disney World!

In May of this year, I lost my father after a 4 yr battle with Multiple Myeloma. It was a tradition of ours to go out and see the lights of our hometown every Christmas Season. Over the past few years, we had added Lindsay lights to our 'house tours' via the internet. Even when Dad couldn't join us in the car, we were able to bring joy of the seasons to him.

It saddens me to think that there will be no Lindsay lights next year and that the possibility even exists. So much WORK, so much MONEY, so much TIME...to have it come to an end....makes me sad. I hope that whatever problems caused by the overwhelming popularity of your display can be worked out. I'm sure the charities you support will miss the donations your visitors provide.

I wish you love and blessings in 2007. Thank you so very much for the happiness you bring to the world!


Jan 9, 2007. --Marc S -- GA, USA--

I can't believe you guys might not have a show next year. This is the first year I stumbled onto your light show and I must say it's amazing!!! I spent most of the night I first saw it trying to figure out how you did it. I wish I lived closer so I could see it in person. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia.


Jan 8, 2007. --Rich P -- Thornhill, Ontario, Canada --

I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this. I have lived in Thornhill since 1970 and I believe this is truly on of the high lights for Thornhill. I have a young family and it is a Christmas Tradition for my family to go see your lights. The kids were disappointed with the lack of snow this year but your lights help make up for it!

I have sent the videos of your show to friends in the West Indies and UK and they can not believe it, one was talking about planning a trip to see it. I tell them that is how “we” do Christmas lights in Canada!

Many Thanks for all the hard work! And we hope to see it again next year!


Jan 6, 2007. --Peter & Donna T. & family--Etobicoke, ON, CAN-

Dear Andrew & Martin,
Another Christmas celebration has come and gone. Due to the efforts of you two, our celebration was enhanced somewhat. We made it up to see your display of lights and, once again, were simply amazed at the beautiful array of lights and colour plus the additions this year. It is such a treat for my husband and I and my two daughters and two grandchildren to be able to stand and absorb the massive display that is before us. Thank you once again for bringing so much joy into so many families with your efforts and hard work.

We can not take for granted that the Lindsay Lights will always be there because one year they might not be. You did a fantastic job once again. Your parents deserve a round of applause for allowing the two of you to continue with the light display for our enjoyment. Thanks to the Lindsay family.


Jan 5, 2007. --The Gladmans -- Ontario, Canada--

You are an amazing family! Your house is absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring. Our children (aged 7 and 4) wanted to watch it over and over again without fail. We have been back a few times and have told as many people as we could. Cheers to a superb holiday season and an amazing gift of your time and efforts.


Jan 5, 2007. --Tom L -- Seattle, USA--

Thank you for your magnificent light show, and for the great job you do putting it on the net for those of us who can't view it in person. Your site is a real tour de force, and I really enjoyed my visit.

I think that using your light show to gather donations for worthy charities is a great idea, and I support your efforts wholeheartedly. My fondest wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy 2007!


Jan 3, 2007. --Emma & Ian W. -- Eastbourne, UK--

We wanted to say thanks for your wonderful display. It just gets better and better every year. My husband and I are hoping to visit Canada and are planning to have the holiday over Christmas so we can come and see your lights for real so PLEASE don't stop doing them for a couple of years!!!


Jan 2, 2007. --Bill J. -- Dallas, TX, USA--

Lights and Music.... Two of the most beautiful things man has ever made. Electricity and Computers... Two of the most useful tools man has ever made. Integrated by true artists to bring joy and excitement to all who see it. Damn well done.

When I was a child, I saw a "Dancing Waters" show at the State Fair of Texas. I have not seen one since. The large water fountain seemed to come alive with colored water and music. It made an indelible impression on me. I would not presume to suggest you produce something of that nature, but if you combined your lights and music and dancing waters and could some how make it mobile, I'm sure you could make a fortune with it. Just an interesting thought.

In the mean time, keep up the good work and good luck with your future


Jan 1, 2007. --Adriana V. -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada--

We "discovered" your light show 2 winters ago - and we've enjoyed ever since. We pass by often, as your street is on our daily walk route (we live close by, south of Steeles).

The show is amazing - not only a delight (and a reminder that Christmas is not only about shopping and expensive gifts!), but also a wonderful example of how young people can take their hobby, make it into a significant project, and share its outcome for the enjoyment of the community. Again, thank you!


Dec 30, 2006. --Cory Williams -- USA--

I have watched your Christmas lights on your web site many, many times. I show it friends and family it and they all love it. I don't think any Christmas display will ever be as good as yours. I am in the USA and would like to someday go up to your house and watch the lights. Good job guys!! I love it.


Dec 28, 2006. --Nicole A -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada--

We loved the lights, loved the music and really appreciate your hard work. This is definitely a winter outing for our family. Coming to see Lindsay Lights has become part of our yearly winter events. Thank you so much. Each year you get better and better! This year is totally wild! Our son talks about Lindsay Lights day after day.


Dec 25, 2006. --Jaimie B -- Ontario, Canada--

I just went to go see your lights yesterday and I have to say they were just fantastic. I was expecting something good but nothing like what you had. It was incredible. Nothing I had ever seen before came even close to it. I would just like to say keep up the good work. It was amazing.


Dec 25, 2006. --Merilyn A -- Abbotsford, BC, Canada--

This is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. This morning I clicked on a site and clicked on your display of lights. Your light display is truly amazing and the best I have ever seen. I wish I lived near you just so I could go and see your display, but we are about 2700 miles apart.


Dec 25, 2006. --Ilana -- IL, USA--

I was in Toronto this past week and I was thrilled by the amazing sight of those lights. My cousin is friends with your neighbor and lives right by you guys. I think it is great what you guys have done! Keep it up! You bring so many smiles to Thornhill!!


Dec 24, 2006. --Diane Vine (NannyD) -- Ontario, Canada--

Dear Lindsay Young Men. This is a tradition now with my 2 young grandsons age now 6 & 4. We will be coming by next Wednesday evening which will be our 3rd year in a row. Marcus & Ethan just think this is the best because they not only see all the beautiful lights and hear the music, but we then go onto their favourite restaurant for dinner, Swiss Chalet.

It also is a tradition that they have a sleepover at Nanny & Jim's. They just had a little baby brother on December 3rd so Tyler will have to wait until his 2nd birthday to partake of your beautiful show. Please keep up the wonderful work. P.S. I have sent your link to a great many people- not only here in Canada but the United States & Mexico. Thank you both.


Dec 23, 2006. --William Hendricks, FL, USA--

This has to be a labor of love. I find it to be of the highest quality. On par with New York, N.Y., LasVegas, NV. or broadway. I would like for you to pass on my personel thanks to your wonderful neighbors for over looking the inconvience. My hat is off to you!


Dec 22, 2006. --Amanda Thurston--

I watch these every year, I show them to my kids, I show them to my friends. There is no one on the web, or in the world that could copy what you guys do! You make Christmas brighter for many of the charities you donate to. You’re wonderful people, and your display is amazing, I am looking forward to next year’s and I will continue to share this one, this year. Happy Holidays and Brightest Blessings.


Dec 22, 2006. --Cathryn Pritchard -- Stockton, CA, USA--

I can't express how MUCH I enjoyed getting to see and share your lightshow with my friends and family. THANK YOU for putting this on line!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I think my boss got even more of a blast out of it than I did, and I even ordered the CD's!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! And with all sincerity, you truly bring joy and wonder and Christmas spirit to life.


Dec 22, 2006. --Annika -- Sweden--

When I see your videos with your creations, I feel happy! Absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like it. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Dec 21, 2006. --The Prices -- Belleville KS, USA--

Hi Lindsay's and Merry Christmas! We're avid fans and have been since you've begun. You're now a Christmas tradition in our family, and pretty much a household name....we put up lights on our house and it's not quite "Lindsayesque" but it'll do for our house!! My husband is in 7th heaven with your choice of music for this year...he thought last year was awesome, but he nearly had tears when he heard the beginning song...it's his all time favorite. You all amaze us and we just wanted you to know that we already can't wait for next year!! If there is anyway that you market your videos from year to year, I would be extremely grateful to know where and how I could buy them....My kids (4 and 6years) just LOVE them! Can these be a screen saver or something? That would be my gift to myself!!

Awesome work....please know that all the hours it takes to prepare and execute (and take down) are well worth it in spades....ya'll are my Christmas Heroes!! Too bad you're way up in Canada...I'd love to see that show in person!

A fan family in Belleville, Kansas


Dec 21, 2006. --Rhonda Hoffman -- Dauphin, PA, USA--

I saw your show this year on my local news channel and had to find your display. I searched the web and found it!!! This is awesome and amazing. I am sharing your site with everyone I know. You guys have done a wonderful job and truly bring out the kid in me. I think your donation idea is wonderful and shows the spirit behind the reason for the season. Thank you so much and may God Bless you all this holiday season!!!


Dec 21, 2006. --Larry Barbaglia -- Saint Louis, MO, USA--

Saw the videos on you tube. I am in awe. My daughter and I watched all 5 of them. She is 5 and now wants me to do that to our house. I wish. Great job..wish I could see it in person. Happy Holidays


Dec 20, 2006. --Larry & Carol, Arizona, USA--

You guys have done it again. It wouldn't be Xmas without your lightshow. One of these years we're going to have to see it in person (we're in Arizona).


Dec 20, 2006. --Roy Partington, England, UK--

Well done lads,

Totally amazing yet again. Year after year the kids sit here totally mesmerised at your light display, so do I their dad. The time and effort and dedication you must put into the display is mind blowing. Your even on national TV over here in England, as the operators who run the UK National Lottery, (Camelot) have an advert running on TV at the moment which was obviously inspired by your displays.

As well as watching the usual Father Christmas websites my 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son love watching your displays. Keep up the great work over there boys your doing a great job for the kids and the parents as well, its just Jaw Dropping how you do it.


Dec 19, 2006. --Florence, Richmond Hill, Canada--

I came across your website and the Christmas lights show is AMAZING! I hope I can see the light show in person sometime this holiday. Thanks for sharing your talents and using them to create beautiful displays for us to see and generate donations to local charities. I am glad proceeds are donated to organizations such as Sick Kids, Variety Village and the SPCA, for I strongly believe in helping children, equity and standing up for animal justice. Keep up the great work!


Dec 18, 2006. --Shane Westerfield, Amarillo, TX, USA--

Hey, I saw your lights again and its awesome I love all the leds and the new arches and i just wanted to wish you guys a merry christmas and thanks again for making my christmas special.


Dec 17, 2006. --John, Chicago, USA--

I have been living both in Chicago and Toronto the past few years and it wasn't until just one week ago when I learned of your Christmas display. I was watching City News CP24 at the time.

As a musician and former electrical engineer, I was pleased to see how you combined music and engineering to provide some unique Christmas entertainment. And the fact that you have incorporated a low-power FM radio signal to broadcast music that is synchronized to your light display makes your project a joy to listen to as well as watch.

I would also like to thank your neighbors for being patient and understanding knowing that such a unique display would attract the public as well as the media.

Maybe some day, you will end up purchasing all of the homes on your cul-de-sac and fix them all up with lights and music!!!

Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Dec 16, 2006. --Peter D., Belgium--

This is truly the best I have ever seen. Keep up the great work and
hope you're an inspiration for others.


Dec 15, 2006. --Ragini Lipka, Auckland, New Zealand--

My husband, daughter and I used to live just around the corner. We found your house by 'accident' a few years back when we decided to drive through the neighbourhood and look at all the lights. Boy, were we in for a surprise. Since then I would bring all our family and friends to your house for the big display.

Unfortunately not this year. We've moved to New Zealand. But I'll be watching it through the internet. I've even emailed all my friends and family encouraging them to go to see the magic or at least view it from the comfort of their home if they live 'too far'. It looks as though you've gone bigger and brighter and better. Fantastic job. Your house is right at the top of the things we miss about Christmas in Canada. Merry Christmas from New Zealand!


Dec 15, 2006. --Carol R., Colorado - USA --

You have done the most awesome job of creating the "true meaning" of Christmas - pure enjoyment and awe! Your videos are the best part of "the Christmas Spirit"! My family cannot get enough of the video - it is just so much fun.

I wish there was a way that your video (along with "how you did it" part) could be broadcast here in the United States. I think a "special show" would certainly be in order - what an awesome "Christmas Special" it would make! I obviously have told everyone I know what an awesome creation you have made but I wish there was a way that we could let everyone know - those who don't, sure are missing out on something totally worth viewing!

What a credit to the human race - a selfless deed to benefit others. You do know that most people who see your creation (on YouTube, I'm sure) have no idea that the monies collected from this awesome, fun, Christmas project goes to charity. That fact, most definitely, needs to be publicized!

I wish I could see this project in person, but for now, thanks for making Christmas fun! You guys are totally awesome!


Dec 15, 2006. --Alison Loma -- Sacramento, CA, USA--

I just want to say thank you so much for all the time and effort as well as money it must cost for your electric bill to put on such a wonderful display for all of us to see whether it be in front of you home, through television or in my case the Internet. Thank you so much. It's absolutely fabulous!


Dec 13, 2006. --Trevor Somers--

I just wanted to say BRAVO on your Xmas lights and sound display! I have watched your Wizards (2005) show I don’t know how many times since last year and it truly amazes me of how much complexity and thought went into that one show! The timing that went into it must have been insane! I can not wait to see what you come up with this year!!

Your neighbors that live on your street and on either side of you must really love you! Perhaps a Star Wars main theme one year, or a John Williams movie tribute you could do one year for something different. I would really love to see what you come up with for those themes! Who knows - maybe George Lucas, or Steven Spielberg themselves could get involved in it somehow if you did a tribute to John Williams? THAT would be so awesome with your and their creative minds working as one!!


Dec 06, 2006. --Mendoza Family, Hawaii--

Aloha Lindsay Family,

I really have to say how spectacular and amazing your lights are. We don't even have anything close to what you put together. Ever since I seen a video of one of you lights in 2004 every year I search the web to see what you have that year. I haven't been disappointed yet and my keiki's (kids) love them too.

Last year I hooked my computer up to our big screen tv and sound system and it was almost like we were there except we weren't cold...lol. I would like to extend a Mele Kalikimaka (Very Merry Christmas) and a Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year) to your whole family from ours. Thank you for creating such wonderful light shows for everyone to enjoy.


Dec 02, 2006. --Ellie W. Chula Vista, California, USA--

I can't begin to tell you the joy you have brought me with your Christmas lights and music. I watch the video over and over and over and smile, smile and smile some more! Thank you soooo much and may life bring you as much happiness as you have brought to others


Dec 02, 2006. --Phil & Marianne Baily -- Ontario, Canada--

Wow, what a show this year. We came by tonight to see it and I was able to stand in front and enjoy the whole thing. My friends and myself donated and we all felt like applauding and holding up a light when the show was finished. It feels like a live concert. I enjoy the show every year but this year’s show seems so much better for some reason. Thank you for doing this, it has become a tradition in my neighbourhood to come by and see.


Nov 26, 2006. --Jennifer, Thornhill, Canada--

I just wanted to say, that I have been bringing my daughter who will be 6 on the 10th of Dec to your home several times a week throughout the season for the past 2 years and will be there again in a weeks time.

My daughter refers to your home as the ' dancing christmas lights '. I thank you for 'lighting' up her days. The joy and excitement she shows when we are infront of your home watching the amazing display of art is the absolute best!!
Thank you for bringing joy to all of us, and keep up the AMAZING work.


Oct 26, 2006. --Jack Christensen, Illinois, USA --

I have watched the website videos of your wonderful Christmas light display over and over again...and then again many days later...and then again months later. I keep coming back to the wonder of it all.

The effort you have put into this display, and the painstaking engineering to make it all work, is credit to the good part of the human race. Though I am not at all religious, I still must say,"God bless you all."

Thank you for explaining the electronic design and the electrical system. I find it most fascinating. I am involved with electronic data acquisition and control systems as well as electrical power monitoring and power measurement.

May your efforts be appreciated by all, and your lives enriched by knowing that you have touched the heart of so many.


Jan 5, 2006. -- Jamie, Max, Elana, Steven P. -- Thornhill, Ont, Canada --

Dear Lindsay Lights, happy Christmas and thank you for a great light show. We loved it. Love Jamie, Max, Elana & Steven.

(Thanks for the wonderful drawing Jamie!)


Dec 22, 2005. --Gail P. NY, USA --

I have noticed that a lot of my friends and family have lost the holiday spirit. Jaded by commercialism, they have developed cloudy visions of what the holidays are about. So I began my search for the holiday spirit so that I may show these people that the child is still alive in all of us. And low and behold, the Lindsay lights show. Never before have I witnessed such an amazing display of lights (you make my Canadian friends proud!). I immediately forwarded your link on to others. Before I knew it, everyone was responding and forwarding on your web site. You have accomplished two significant things with this display: the first is obvious - raising money for your local charities; and the second - helping others find the holiday spirit and the child within. I can only offer two simple words: thank you. Happy Holidays, Gail P.(your "neighbor" in upstate NY)


Dec 20, 2005. --Daniel M. Jacksonville Beach, Florida --

I gotta say that the first time that I saw your show....on the web all the way down here in Jacksonville , Fl...I thought it was still framed pictures put together. Boy, was I wrong. I think this is one of the greatest things that I have ever seen. It puts an entirely new twist on the holidays and brings a new sense of the Christmas spirit into my world.

I have shared your videos with as many people as possible and everyone agrees that your work is simply....awesome! I appreciate and respect your talent and patience for something like and I would love to try it myself...funds willing(but I don't think I have the time). You two guys have got a fortune waiting for those willing to pay. Imagine the possibilities...

Thank you for the show and the smiles. I watch your show on the net and on my local news station (www.firstcoastnews.com under 'strange and unusual') and love it each and every time. THANKS!!!!


Dec 19, 2005. --Jason P. Cardiff, Wales , UK--

Just wanted to say thanks for making my Children's Christmas. We live in Cardiff , Wales , UK and love your lights. Keep up the good work.


Dec 16, 2005. --Jeanette R.--

I just wanted to tell you that I am very, very excited. I saw your light display on the internet about 2 weeks ago for the first time. I was enthralled! I keep watching it!

I told my friends how much I would love to see it live, but it was probably somewhere far away and would have to continue to watch it on the internet.
Our secretary found your web site today (thank goodness!!) and informed me that it is only an hour away in Thornhill!! I couldn't believe it. I have planned a trip this weekend to see it LIVE! I can't wait! I am thanking you in advance for what you have done. We are so looking forward to bringing the family on this outing just to see your lights.

Thank you for making Christmas even more special. I am sure to send another note after we have seen the display. Thank you so very much.
A very Merry Christmas to you all.


Dec 19, 2005. --David M., MA, USA --

I have seen clips of your display while browsing the internet, as well as during local news broadcasts. First, I must say that your display of lights is simply amazing. Your imaginative ideas and dedication are astounding. Second, you should be commended for your brilliant efforts to help local charities. Keep up the great work!

Happy Holidays!


Dec 18, 2005. -- Marie , Louisiana , USA--

Hello there fellow Canadians. I am living in Louisiana and I have told everyone here how Canadians do the best job on christmas lights.... and your site just proved my point. Well done ! It was spectacular love the choice of music.


Dec 17, 2005. -- Alex Koch , Germany--

Many greetings from Germany with the best wishes for the next year. We have seen all Videos on your Homepage, that´s the greatest I´ve ever seen on Christmas. Now I have real Christmas feelings, very many thanks from Alex, Helene and many Friends from Bonn , Germany to Canada !!!!!


Dec 13, 2005. --Ashley. Richmond Hill , ON--

I was driving down close by ur street and couldn't help but notice the sky was lit up near ur home...Enjoying the Christmas season and curious about the beautiful lights, i followed the twinkles and stumbled upon your family home...It was the most amazing, beautiful thing I had ever seen, and it was before I realized there was music too!!!!

What a show, since then (Dec 2, 2005) I have brought many to see your hard work! All are amazed and I must say good work, you boys deserve all the awards and credit you get. You probably don't realize how much you light up people's lives and lift their spirits with every bulb! So great work, and please keep it up for all of us and our families! Merry christmas and all the best for your family in this wonderful season.


Dec 13, 2005. --Chrisitne P., Richmond Hill , ON--

I stumbled upon your display a few weeks ago and ever since, I have been telling many people about it. My boyfriend and his Mother finally saw the display last night. He drove from Markham Road along with his 80 yr old Mother. We were going to drive around and view other Xmas lights, but... after yours, we decided it would be no comparison and went straight home.

His Mother is planning to share your Xmas lights with many of her friends from Markham with donations. Thank you so much for bringing smiles and warm cheer to all!


Dec. 10, 2005. --Megan & Laurie. Richmond Hill ON--

Thank you for the obvious hard work and long hours both of you have spent working on this fantastic display of lights. My family drove by earlier this evening to check out 4 Rosea after seeing it on CityTV last week. The feature on television did not do it justice. It is beautiful and very captivating. And with the fresh snowfall yesterday, it was spectacular!!!

We will be returning with family and friends over the next couple of weeks so that they may enjoy your display as much as we did this evening. Of
course, a donation will be left each time to help support the charities you have chosen!

Thanks again to both of you, and to your parents for supporting you! Happy holidays.


Dec 11, 2005. --Wes B., Ajax , ON--

Hey guys, that's awesome work you have there. I came up from Ajax to take a look yesterday with my GF rather than going to see a movie. I have a particular interest in this... you see in 2004 I automated our Halloween display with pneumatics, lights, sirens, and a fog machine. We used sensors to determine when a person was approaching, and we had limit switches on the doors, all PLC controlled. It was GREAT. What a response, and that was from one night thing. I really can appreciate the work you guys put into this and the response you get. Keep up the good work, maybe we'll have to compete one year. Hahahha. Just kidding guys.


Jan 8, 2005. --Donna Temovsky, Toronto , ON--

We are totally amazed with the creative ability of you and your brother. Amazing, is all we can say. We were awestruck, left with our mouths open. We had our daughter, granddaughter and a friend with us. We decided to surprise them and not tell them where we were going. Congratulations, to both of you for winning that world wide award. You so deserve it. We hope you will keep on bringing smiles to faces of the young and old. We look forward to next Christmas and the Lindsay Home and it's Light Show. Thank you, the Lindsay Family for your generosity. Thanks Martin for updating your web site and emailing me to let us know that the show was still available for us to see.


Jan 5, 2005 --Bill Nicholson, Collingwood , ON--

I made the trip from Collingwood to your place this evening and stood on your boulevard in absolute awe. Your web site is great but it pales in comparison to being there. The two of you are to be commended for an outstanding display of Christmas spirit. My mother would always drive around the Collingwood area looking at all the lights. She passed on in November and I would have loved to drive her down to see your display. Your house will be on my list of places to see next year. Keep up your wonderful Christmas spirit and May God bless you.


Jan 4, 2005. --Lina and Frank, Richmond Hill , Ont.

Happy New Year to the Lindsays....
We saw your light display this evening and it is truly amazing. The best we have ever seen. The creativity and time that has gone into this display shows and is appreciated. Thank you for reminding us all what the Christmas spirit is all about.


Jan 3, 2005. --The Barnetts, North York , ON--

We just wanted to thank you for adding that special something to our Christmas this year. My husband and I have started a new tradition where we go for a drive on Christmas Eve to see homes, with spectacular light displays, that have been featured on the local news. I tell you...when we first pulled up I was amazed...then when my husband spotted the sign to tune into 104.9 I started crying!! It was breathtaking!

We were both in awe as we watched the dancing trees and the conveyor belt, the roof and the front lawn! We have watched our own home video over and over again, in complete silence as we fall in love with your lighting display over and over again. We are also VERY pleased that donations collected are going to the OSPCA as we are huge animal lovers and are members of both the Toronto Humane Society as well as PETA.

Thank you for adding that special something to our Christmas Festivities this year. Do keep up the good work so that future generations may enjoy the wonder as well...congratulations on your awards, exceptionally deserving!!!


Dec 27, 2004. --Melissa Hart--

I think you guys are amazing! The lights looks awesome and the sound that goes with it is wicked cool!


Dec 26, 2004. --Shelly Giggey--

I love it! You put so much work into it. It's fantastic! You've put alot of people in the Christmas spirit. Love the roof & lawn lights! Everything is great and if I where going to do something flashy myself (on a lower scale) the roof & lawn lights are cool. Merry Christmas guys! All the best for 2005. Thank you!


--Krista, Havelock , ON--

I would first like to say, what a wonderful job, your house is amazing, I saw it on CityLine the other morning and had to check out the web site....that is one thing we love to do is look at amazing houses, when living in Hamilton, up on the mountain there is a street that all gets together and lights up their homes like yours. Love your show....keep up the great work.....ever thought of Santa and his reindeer landing on the roof with your animation lights?


--Bill Nicholson--

My neighbours have called me Griswold in the past, but; I am truly an amateur compared to what I have just seen on your site. I have only learned of you today on city tv and immediately went to your web site. I will come down from Collingwood to have a peek at your place before the season is over. You guys are completely insane and that is a great compliment. Keep up your Christmas spirit.


--Jeff Damon. Rockford , Illinois , USA--

I wanted to write and tell you how much fun I've had looking at your display online. Honestly, I simply stumbled across it by starting to investigate computer controlled Christmas lights on the internet. I first got interested in the idea by watching a program broadcast on American TV called "Out of Control Christmas". This program highlighted some places including one display that can be seen at http://www.christmasutah.com. Thanks so much for putting up the web site with Videos and Pictures. I've showed the videos to everyone I know. So far people either think you are crazy or geniuses (I personally think you are both genius' too) Still everyone loves them! Thanks for bringing your display to people that live far away. Congratulations on your "Worlds Best" award. You should be very proud. You certainly deserve the award!


--Joe Kraftchek A.K.A. Artistry In Motion--

Incredible job guys love the display and the creativity that you used in the making of the snowball fight between the snow men. Truly awesome work...You did deserve to win top prize and you still do deserve that award. Once again guys incredible job and I hope you continue to win each year as you both deserve it. Congratulations.



IWD Canada