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2002 Schedule

9/29/02 Completed 3rd Buffer board
11/3/02 Installed driveway lights.  Installed lights on 3 left drive trees
11/4/02 Purchased and cut plywood for upper roof grid
11/5/02 Put up lights around lower windows/doors.  Assembled upper roof grids.  Began 3rd sub panel installation
11/6/02 Put up and completed upper roof wood frame grid.  Put up lights around upper windows. Purchased snowmen rope light, etc.
11/7/02 Installed PVC conduit to garage outlets
11/8/02 Designed new 16-channel PC board for snowmen.  Purchased light stakes at Walmart
11/9/02 Completed design of 16-channel PCB.  Purchased parts for future boards.  Began wiring 3rd sub-panel
11/10/02 Made 16 channel PCB and assembled.
11/11/02 Bought more light stakes.  Built snowmen frames and made snowmen.
11/12/02 Put lights on right maple tree.  Tested new I/O buffer board.  Completed branch wiring at sub-panel 3 and filled holes w. expandable foam.
11/14/02 Completed buffer board tests/repairs.  Purchased misc. stuff.  Repaired bent wood on roof (grid).
11/15/02 Purchased more parts (optocouplers/triacs).  Put up all upper roof lights and tested.  Setup computer in the den.
11/16/02 Put lights on Locus and left maple tree.  Connected and shrink wrapped majority of control boxes.  Finished all connections on upper roof.
11/17/02 Approx 20cm of snow on ground.  Concluded Canadian Tire no longer sells blue C7 Emeralds.  Bought test set from Revy.  Bought (10) 3M Noma extension cords.  Completed snowmen frames, but need to complete hats and final setup.  Bought (10) more packs of light stakes from walmart.
11/20/02 Bought (40) sets blue C7s from Rona and (13) 25 pack blue emerald C7s from Canadian tire.  Bought wood for lower roof and 10mm staples.  Bought coloured rope light for snowmen.  Installed remainder of garden perimeter lights..(snow has melted).  Put stakes on all 40 sets of Rona C7s.  Began putting framing on lower roof.  Made snowmen "hats" etc. and completed snowmen.
11/21/02 Bought (28) packs Emerald blue C7 bulbs.  Assembled lower roof perimeter frame and put lights up.  Changed bulbs in C7 sets and installed left grass grid (measured spacing at 23.4" at top and 12" at bottom).  Installed remaining boxes and covered majority. 
11/22/02 Cut wood for addition of new buffer board.
11/23/02 Printed, developed and began building 2 more buffer board cards and 24 channel triac board.  Completed grass grid lights.  Put lights up on cedar trees by living room.  Assembled main buffer board platform.
11/24/02 Completed 24 channel triac board and 2 buffer board cards.  Began building charity box/display.
11/25/02 Built wood frame and made "present" with rope light (temp. display).  Continued building charity box.
11/26/02 Set up snowmen display.  Continued building display/charity box.  Bought more cable and 3/3 wire.  Measured and cut data and power wires for grass-grid and snowmen.
11/29/02 Put Tremclad primer on charity box.  Made power connections for snowmen box.
11/30/02 Put 1st coat Tremclad on charity box.  Completed snowmen box and installed.  Began making grass grid box.  Installed 3/3 cable for 3rd sub-panel.
12/1/02 Completed Grass grid box and installed.  Removed circuit boards from snowmen and grass grid channel boxes and replaced resistors with 220ohm.  Tested system and organized all channels.  Made minor repairs on Buffer boards.  Put 2nd coat Tremclad on and installed outlet and plexiglass on charity box.  Installed charity box.  Completed rope light "present" display.  TURNED LIGHTS ON!
12/2/02 Programmed both LED matrix signs and installed LEDs in coin slot.  Created a new Dasher program.
12/03/02 Installed RG6 video cable and installed video camera.  CFTO news did helicopter shoot.
12/04/02 Assembled remainder of star and attached lights.  Put star up.
12/05/02 Put net lights on living room bushes.
12/24/02 Citytv did a 1min 30 sec story on the display.
01/10/03 Began removing lights.  Pulled all grass perimeter and grid lights out.  Removed lights from doors and windows.
01/11/03 Removed lights from all trees, etc.  Wrapped up and stored channel boxes (excluding roof boxes).
01/12/03 Packed and stored majority of lights, except roof lights (too snowy for access).
01/28/03 Awarded winner of Town of Markham's 2002 Holiday "Lighten-Up" contest.
2/22/03 Snow finally melted from upper roof.  Removed upper roof grid, smoke, and chimney outline.  Removed star from tree.  Wrapped up all remaining channel boxes.  Only the lower roof perimeter lights to be removed (too much snow).



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