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2006 Videos

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We've been lucky enough to have had the display broadcast on local television stations since 2002. Click on the links to download. If you have trouble downloading, right click on the link and select "save target as" and save it.

Coverage By: Lindsays

A fixed camera angle of the full show (4 sequences from beginning to end).

Downloading this file may take some time, because of its large size.

Download (DVD qualtiy 41.6MB)


Coverage By: Lindsays

2006 BRAND NEW musical sequence, fully edited. Many, many hours went into this production. Enjoy!

Download (11.4 MB) Podcast (20MB) -right click to "save-as"-


Coverage By: Global

Global Television 6pm news coverage. Live Interview with Martin.


Download (13.9 MB)


Coverage By: CBC

CBC News Coverage.


Download (15.0 MB)


Coverage By: Rogers Local

2nd round of coverage on Rogers Local 6pm news.


Download (9.0 MB)


Coverage By: Rogers Daytime

Andrew did a live interview with "Rogers Daytime".


Download (13.4 MB)


Coverage By: CTV

CTV 6pm news coverage of the display.


Download (13.7 MB)


Coverage By: A Channel News

A Channel News (from Barrie, Ont.) shot a short interview for the 11pm news. Thanks to our immediate neighbours for coming out to support the display!


Download (9.5 MB)


Coverage By: Rogers Television

"Rogers Local" does a news story.



Download (11.6 MB)


Coverage By: Citytv

Citytv does a live weather report and pre-recorded short interview.



Download (14.5 MB)


Coverage By: Lindsays
Behind the scenes footage of how we build our displays. A Fast paced video edited by Slobodan Uzelac.
Download (6.5 MB) Podcast (9.2MB) -right click to "save-as"-

These are standard WMV videos that can be played on Windows Media Player, etc. If you would like higher resolution videos, or have problems downloading or playing them, please contact us.



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