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Below are some pictures of the 2006 setup in progress.

A Few boxes of new materials for this year's display!
Andrew carrying a bunch of lights to the roof for assembly.
Setting up the Mega Tree using temporary ropes to support the mast for the raising of the lights.
New LEDs ready to up on the trees.
Building a new star for the Evergreen Tree. Last year the star used 250 watts and had 50 bulbs. This year there are 100 LEDs and they'll only use 20 watts!
Conduit for the new addition this year.
Slobodan and Hus helping wrap the bushes.
Martin wrapping one of the drive trees with LEDs.
Andrew wrapping another tree with LEDs.
A bit of the mess involved. Here we are stretching out the new sets and un-tangling them.
Martin at the top of the ladder hanging lights on the Locus tree.
Look, the Sun is out!!!!! Here we have made all the measurements for the grass grid.
The sun is gone again...but the left grass grid is complete!
Another view of the grass grid from the road. These are the old style incandescent bulbs. We will be placing white LEDs beside them as well.
Details on the grid spacing.....
Here we are getting ready to install the driveway arches. Where the arches reach the driveway, we need to drill into the bricks to support the base of the arches. So we take old damaged bricks and place them where we need to drill for the arches. Once we remove the arches after the show, we'll re-install the good bricks.
Now that we've installed a chipped/old brick, we can drill into it. This is where the base of the 1st arch will sit.
Early morning fog and we've almost got all 16 arches installed.
Laying out the light strands ready to be wrapped around the arches.
Yet another view.......
Almost done! We are wrapping 3 colours around each arch: red, green and blue. Each colour for each arch will be controlled individually.




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