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2003 Display Pictures

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More pictures have yet to be added to this page, but here's a start.

A pretty neat pic of the roof grids, both on. This is when our "attention to detail" really pays off.

This year's new animation is the present wrapping machine. Toys enter on the left, while the wrapped toys exit on the right.

The snowmen having their snowball fight!

Toronto Star Newspaper coverage Dec 24, 2003 Page B3

Coverage in another local newspaper, the Sing Tao Daily. Below is the translation.

Heading: The Lindsay brothers live at Rosea Court . Every year they create this Christmas display for public viewing. This is not only for the public to enjoy, but also for charity. Bold heading: Christmas lights Brighten the Charity Heart. Main text: Martin and Andrew Lindsay use 12,500 light bulbs to decorate the site and create a brilliant night scene. Martin said "they started this when they were young and they keep buying more lights every year". They use C7 light bulbs which are brighter than mini ones, which is equivalent to 80,000 mini lights. They use a computer to control this lighting which has 152 channels and is synchronized to 104.9FM simultaneously.The show is free, but visitors can contribute some money to charities. This year the charity collections are at $1900.00 which is more than last year's $1200.00.




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